Knowledge Transfer

The vision of this Learning & Development strategy is to further develop the wine industry into an industry that is built on the capabilities of its people, is able to maximise its return on investment, and is an industry/employer of choice for new entrants into the industry.

Purpose of the Learning & Development Strategy

The Learning and Development Strategy is part of the strategic planning process of the wine industry and aims to link and integrate Learning and Development initiatives systematically with industry needs in order to:

  • Establish priorities in the effective use and allocation of learning resources;
  • Act as a guiding document for stakeholders in the wine industry;
  • Enhance the quality of learning and education in the wine industry;
  • Contribute towards greater efficiencies in the industry;
  • Be an attractive industry within which to learn and develop;
  • Provision of standards for Learning and Development; and
  • Leverage funding opportunities.

Outcomes of the Learning & Development Strategy


    • Representative body that oversee the implementation of Learning and Development Strategy Goals (WITDAC committee)
    • Skills Development Facilitator (SDF for wine industry)


    • Learner Management System (LMS) for the wine industry
    • Quality Assurance Process to ensure the adherence to quality standards for Learning and Development
    • Learning and Development Policies and procedures to ensure consistency in the industry
    • Change Management and communication to support the implementation of the learning and development strategy


    • Buy-in of the Leaning and Development Strategy
    • Partnerships
    • Network of suitable accredited training providers who is focussed on the industry training priorities


    • Current and future learning and development trends in South Africa and the Wine Industry
    • Key focus areas of the Learning and development strategy
    • Learning and development strategy goals

Learner Management System

A software application for administrating, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of training.